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October 09 2017

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forest light ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

commission for tipsyrecords


the holy trinity of music




toto’s africa, a-ha’s take on me, and the proclaimer’s i’m gonna be (500 miles)

i’ve gotten a lot of people saying that i’m wrong and should have included other songs (all of which are also bangers and include never gonna give you up, come on eileen, and bony m’s rasputin) but not a single person has mentioned the fucking beatles so honestly? this post has been a resounding success and i thank you all for your participation

What about Demi Lovato’s iconic sapphic anthem Cool For The Summer (2015)

what do you guys have against the Beatles? Seriously?

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Shikoku, Japan. by Tangled Bank

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Rainy in Tokyo

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I hate that social media has commodified performative grief and outrage to the point that every fucking person thinks that every tragedy that happens needs to be addressed by them, personally. I hate that there’s an expectation that everyone make some grand statement and that if you don’t do it, you must be heartless or hate the victims. We’re not all celebrities or politicians. Not every voice needs to be heard at all times. The world probably doesn’t NEED anyone’s take if it doesn’t contain new information. Processing things silently isn’t bad and it doesn’t make anyone a bad person and I honestly much prefer it to a lot of the self-serving bullshit you see when something awful happens in the world.

I fall into that trap. Most people do. It’s shit and it produces a lot of shit sentiment. “WHY AREN’T PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THIS?!” is my least favorite sentence in the world right now. Most people, when it comes to tragedy, have nothing to say. Most uninvolved people, in these circumstances, should say less.


What’s the difference between Venice and Altissia? No pigeons in Altissia


no but jfc


‘we’re making fun of u in our group chat’

lmao when people made fun of me in elementary school and did it in group at least they had the grace to not let me know they were doing it and I only found out by chance

like how fucking completely immature you have to be to tell someone that

then they be like “STOP OPPRESSING US” lmao 









list of characters that would be weirdly sexualized if they were made today

so we’re just gonna stop the list right tf there

looking through the comments and reblogs.. oh boy

there’s definitely more but I’m not sure I want to subject myself to that horror

hey quick question how come out of all the pictures you could’ve chosen for Bloo you had to pick the one from a hentai parody 

you recognized it

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DO👏🏻👏🏻 IT👏🏻👏🏻

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robb-greyjoy replied to your post “Moses Sumney is coming to Italy… on my birthday… ”
I’m sorry it’s here D: I hope you manage to come

gnjkgnkjnj I don’t knowwwww ;; 


dramaticallyfree reblogged your post and added: “There IS NOTHING MORE FRUSTRATING . THAN. WATCHING. YOUR. FAVORITE….”

i feel at this rate, i’m the only one who doesn’t see it this way? especially since the whole cast were teary eyed over sheldon’s purposal and jim (the actor for sheldon) is very pleased with the progress sheldon made. they treated it as something special since sheldon IS special. the romance wasn’t perfect, and they developed with each other in the matter of years. it was like 4 years before they started to do anything remotely romantic on the physical level? and sheldon took A LONG TIME to confess his love for her. it wasnt just in a snap and a blink of an eye. there was so much there that developed, and it wasnt obvious to sheldon, either.

like it wasnt until amy broke up with sheldon after years of this did sheldon realize that he loved her presence. it wasnt until another girl kissed sheldon did sheldon realize that he only wanted amy to kiss him. sure, you could have considred him ‘aroace’, but what about demiromantic or demisexual??? that seems to fit sheldon’s description a lot more here than asexual or aromantic you know? i might not be the biggest shamy shipper, but one thing they scored was how they developed this. it was an amazing thing to witness.

Doing another post bc i don’t wanna write a lot on another person’s post, but you’re definitely not the only one who appreciates Sheldon and Amy’s character arc, considering how long the show went on and how there was pretty much no word about it from the public (yeah ok, some disagreement but nothing massive), plus it clearly only happened because there were a lot of Shamy shippers asking for it. 
But I’m still forever iffed at how they introduced Amy as a woman who didn’t care about romance or sex exactly the way Sheldon did, and how they bonded over a shared similarily while the rest of the world had different attitudes, habits and expectations. In the beginning, I liked Sheldon and Amy because they were two people who were different from the rest and finally found someone else to relate to. I really, really liked them as friends.

What I really didn’t like is how they suddenly turned Amy into a sex-crazed nympho pretty much out of nowhere, and all of a sudden they made her care about looking pretty, doing feminine things, shopping, shallow stereotypical stuff women are always portrayed doing because to be a woman and to be desirable to have to be feminine, no? When before she didn’t seem to care, and that was cool because you don’t need to look fancy to be a woman.
I didn’t like the not-even-subtle misogyny when all of a sudden a smart woman with a lot of culture and very high education just… forgot scientific facts and seemed to be dumbed down (I don’t remember the lines exactly but she had to get an explanation on a scientific concept by someone else regarding something in her own field) just because she got interested in a man, like attraction is gonna turn people stupid. I also really hated how she kept basically humping Sheldon’s legs like a dog in heat, stalking him and insisting on dating even though he said multiple times he wasn’t interested, that he liked her as a friend but still didn’t care for either romance or sex. I didn’t dream this up, and I definitely did see the harassment she subjected him to and how it was all played as a joke. I realize it’s a comedy show and all of this is done for laughs, but it just isn’t funny, not after decades of sitcoms doing exactly the same things. And it’s not any more okay just because she’s a woman and he’s a man.

And then I stopped watching when it became evident that Chuck and the team of writers wanted to go down that path until the very end, making them fuck and even fall in love even though it had started with harassment and yes, Sheldon might have been demi so establishing a strong emotional connection and then feeling sexual/romantic attraction might have made sense, but the way it was realized just made me want to puke. Being forced to be in someone’s presence isn’t establishing an emotional connection. Wanting someone’s dick isn’t establishing an emotional connection. Not respecting someone’s boundaries because you wanna get freaky with them isn’t establishing an emotional connection. 
Plus, Sheldon has had a longer running friendship with Penny and the two of them understand each other way better, Penny never forced him into something he was genuinely not comfortable with, and she always worked around his limits to make experiences fun and nice for both, as friends. So that would have made more sense in case he was demi (not only because I was/am a Shenny shipper but just because of how the characters always interacted and how they felt about each other, and Penny’s affection for Sheldon is evident, whereas Amy’s “love” for him always looked very selfish and honestly creepy). To be clear, if Amy hadn’t pushed herself so much on Sheldon and basically forced him to deal with her, I wouldn’t be so disappointed in how the show managed this storyline and I probably would’ve been less eager to drop it. 

Yes, orientations can change, but being attracted to someone won’t make you dumb, no matter how you look at it. And demiromanticism/-sexuality is not an excuse to flip a character on their head just to make some shippers happy (because let’s be real, that’s why Shamy happened at all, it’s not because the writers wanted to represent demisexuality/-romanticism). So not only I’m mad about Sheldon changing like that after months of outright sexual harassment, but about Amy being turned into this sex-crazed person who could only think about getting in his pants (nothing wrong with being horny, it gets wrong when you force others to deal with it instead of like, buying a vibrator). 

But I mean, I ain’t trying to change your mind, I’m just forever disappointed because they could have done something fresh with these 2 characters (like dunno, have them date for a while and have Amy realize romance is not quite as blissful as she’d imagined, or Sheldon realizing that nope, not for him, or basically doing anything that wouldn’t throw a-spec people under the bus) and they went the usual “aro/ace people just need to meet the ~right person~ to be fixed and human again :)” bullshit route. Especially because they kept pushing this relationship Sheldon didn’t want on him. It’s not something that feels natural, it was forced from the beginning. 

this doesn’t mean I hate Sheldon btw, I never even implied that. I just hate the way the writers treated him and how they treated Amy, how they made sexual harassment into a joke and how they portrayed an intelligent woman as a thirteen year old who was just hit by her first wave of hormones during puberty. And frankly, not even horny teenage girls are that fixated on getting a boy’s dick for months. 



casual reminder that aromantic people are still people and aces who say “we can still fall in love; we’re human too!” are gross and should Leave



U know what’s a fuckin obnoxious trend that needs to die

When people who don’t like a character can’t be content with just not liking them, they have to prove they’re morally right in that dislike. Like… It’s not that serious kids. Not every opinion you hold needs to be about Justice and Moral Righteousness. It’s ok to just… Not like some characters. You don’t actually need to justify it.

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Moses Sumney is coming to Italy… on my birthday… 

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Aro + plants + stars

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aromantic + cats moodboard for anonymous

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