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January 31 2018

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Acephobia - like what the hell people???


I saw a lot of posts about this here and on other social networks and there is so much hate towards asexuals (especially from inside the LGBT community), that I really need to get this off my chest.

My girlfriend is ace, I´m an average lesbian with an average sexual desire. And you know what? I´m totally fine with that.

We have a realtionship like everybody else, except we don´t have sex. We cuddle, go to the movies, go on trips together, laugh a lot, game, hold hands, kiss, everything. In short - we´re happy.

And then there are people. I even consider some of them my friends and they know about all of that and even though, I constantly get comments like

“Don´t you miss that?”

“You should finally make a move.”

“Time you get laid again.”

“Maybe you should get yourself a ‘normal’ girl.”

“Oh god, I couldn´t live like that. I´m sorry for you.”

Yes, that are actual quotes from actual people. And yes - those words hurt! Because you are lowkey implying, that I can´t be happy in a relationship without sex and at the same time, you blame my girlfriend for that, even though I just told you, that we´re happy.

Her body wasn´t the reason I picked her.

I picked her, because she makes me smile, when I feel down. I picked her because of those beautiful sparkles in her eyes. I picked her because of her endless fangirling and Elder Scrolls obsession, her love for space and stars, because of the way she snuggles into my arms at night, because she is so damn perfect to me.

Why would I expect her to change who she is? How could I pressure her into doing something she isn´t comfortable with? I knew she was ace and I knew what I got myself into and it doesn´t bother me. I love her and I want her to be happy and for her to be able to always feel safe with me. That´s what counts.

My girl and me had a lot of talks on that topic. She was scared and she cried a lot and she had a lot of things on her mind because of that. I felt bad because of that. I felt bad, because she thought, she´d eventually have to have sex in order to be part of a healthy relationship. That´s what society tells us everyday - that sex is an important part of a relationship. It´s like a constant pressure on everybody, but I think it´s the worst for asexuals.

Seriously, there´s sex without love, why can´t there be love without sex?

They´re constantly told, that there´s something wrong with them. Everyone tells them, that they´re too young or they should try it or haven´t found the right person yet. It even is considered a mental disease!!

Wait a second? Does that sound familiar?

Yeah, right! How do you know you like girls, if you never had a boy? Or the other way round? Maybe you try being straight first? How about you finally decide, if you like boys or girls, rather than being half straight and half gay. Did those things hurt you, when you heard them? I sure heard them and yeah, they hurt.

In the end, we all want to be accepted and loved.

How can you love someone, when you can´t even love yourself, because of all the negativity that is stuck in your head. All the insults, the pressure, the intolerance.People kill themselves because of that! How can you do that?

How can you expect to be accepted, if you don´t accept others, if you constantly need to show others how much better you are. You want to be respected, show some respect first! It´s not that hard.

Don´t call someone a fag, just because he´s gay. Don´t call the girl over there a lesbian, because she has short hair. Let the trans people pee in peace. Don´t act superior, only because you´re straight. Don´t blame black people for your shit. This list could go on for pages.

We´re all the same. We´re all humans.

The world would be such a better place, if everyone started to behave like an average human being, stop being so goddamn fixed on labels and decide to be less horrible to each other.

I accept and respect my ace girlfriend. I don´t care about the sexual side, even though I miss that sometimes, but there are so many things that can be way more intimate than sex.

A relationship is based on love and trust and supporting each other, not on what goes down in the bedroom. You should remember that the next time, you make a comment on someones lifestyle, decision, orientation or anything else.

OP, this post is amazing. Thank you. <3

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This is from @xxsociallyabsorbedxx, thanks!

Submit your best cat pictures >here

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Plenty of these grey shirts left. Head to my store to purchase.

never forget



so i’d like to read Lolita, what’s your opinion on this book?

Technically a great book, not a love story but actually a story of child sexual abuse. But a good read overall def recommend, the prose is F A N T A S T I C

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favorite people: monica bellucci

i like to do on screen what i’m not in life. in life, i’m much more weak and insecure, and so then you know i like to play characters that are stronger than me.

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Things that I DON’T want from The Last Jedi



  • Kylo’s sad back story
  • Kylo redemption arc
  • Kylo sad crying face
  • People treating Kylo like he’s not that bad
  • People dying for trying to “give him a chance”
  • Luke making up excuses for Kylo
  • Anyone not acknowledging he’s gone to the dark side by choice and killed hundreds and killed his own father and tortured and terrorized the main trio 




@janiedean com’è che non hai ancora risposto alle lesbiche rompicoglioni con robe tipo

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A Norwegian forest cat. (Source)



An open Tumblr letter to younger fans, from a 77-year-old TOS fangirl



* who has shipped Spirk since that night in 1967 that Amok Time first aired
* and helped storm NBC to keep TOS on the air for a 3rd season
* and wrote fanfic way back in the day
* and was privileged to be around for the earliest days of fandom, when Leonard used to come to your house if that’s where the fan club was meeting and sit on the sofa with you in that Spock hair cut and eat cake

All of you who are writing TOS/AOS fan fiction and creating fan art now: remember, YOU are the ones shaping the traditions of fandom. You have inherited the kingdom. Bless you for keeping it vibrant, growing, alive. In fifty years, you will be the ones who are remembered for molding it and handing it down to the future. It probably doesn’t feel like now, but you are making history.

Your current addiction to TOS and the feels you get when you contemplate the love between Jim and Spock will be with you for life. It won’t always be in the forefront; you will sometimes go years, sometimes go a decade, without Star Trek being more than a passing thought. But then something will remind you and every consuming feeling you feel right now will come rushing back, every bit as powerful and deep and strong as it is today. All there, right where you left it.

The friendships you make in fandom will be with you for life. Like all friendships, they will wax and wane as the focus of your life shifts over time, but you will always be able to pick up the thread. You will — to give you a hypothetical example — be 77 years old and discover Tumblr and get a rush of Spirk feels after a decade of not giving TOS a thought, and contact your 83-year-old fangirl friend in the nursing home, to whom you haven’t spoken in several years. You will open the conversation with, “So, Jim and Spock love each other and that just makes me so happy.” And your friend in the nursing home will sigh and say, “Yes. They do love each other. It’s such a comfort.”

That look that Jim and Spock give each other, of absolute adoration and acceptance and love? That’s real. It’s rare, but it’s real. One of my greatest joys in life is to see my son and his husband give each other looks like that. Of course I don’t know you; I don’t know your strengths and struggles or your place on the spectrum of gender or anything about your sexuality or what you look like or what your life has taught you to believe about yourself, but I do know this: YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED AND LOOKED AT THE WAY JIM AND SPOCK LOOK AT EACH OTHER. Please don’t accept less than that in your life.

The future of our planet does not seem very hopeful at the moment. But please remember that when Gene created Star Trek, the world was in turmoil and the future seemed very bleak. Star Trek is, was, always shall be about hope. Reach for it. When TOS first aired, we hoped to see some form of a Starfleet on the horizon in our lifetimes. That vision must be passed on to you. Do it. Make the world worthy of launching the human race out into space. CREATE STARFLEET.

You are all creative and funny and amazing. Far more amazing than you know. Be kind to yourselves. Live long and prosper, kids.

Tags are in reference to my first bullet point. Meant as a kudos to your work, but feel free to untag yourself if you don’t want to be linked to my ramblings; I won’t be offended! (Also, this extends to a thousand other artists and writers out there who deserve kudos. tag at will.)

Aren’t you glad that this woman didn’t leave fandom once she graduated college/got a job/got married/had kids?

Do you get it now?

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Listen, i’d absolutely fuck a consenting, self-aware monster, but I wouldn’t fuck every monster.

A werewolf, he comes to me and says “hey, you wanna go for a ride?” and I says “sure” because he’s hot.

But If Godzilla came to me and says that, no. Godzilla is a father figure. Not for fucking.

Op the fact that size doesn’t deter you but the principal of the matter and the metaphorical ramifications of sexing Godzilla makes you the perfect 2018 mood honestly

This is the nicest addition to this post I’ve gotten. Its mostly other monsterfuckers calling me a coward.

Highly-radioactive-nerd you’re not a coward, you’re awesome

Fuck that coward shit, you know what you want

You know your limits. 2018 is about getting rid of that bad shit and healing

And that’s knowing your limits

Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You find the monster that’s best for YOU

And you have a nice day



If u wanna be my friend u have to understand that sometimes I can’t cope with conversations. And just because I’m on tumblr effectively shouting into the void but not replying to your message doesn’t mean I hate u it just means that the thought of talking to anyone in depth is extremely overwhelming

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Yosemite coffee break
instagram @anthonysamaniego


oovoo javer

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Pls don’t be mad at me, my brows are gelled and filled as I write this

the answer is: tide pods

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